About Valley Utilities

Three Decades of
Unwavering Standards

Founded in 1991, Valley Utilities has steadily grown into Ottawa’s leading utility company by virtue of our high standards, professionalism, and competence. We’ve familiarized ourselves with every corner of Ottawa and the surrounding area to provide you with high-quality utility services by people that you can trust.

We don’t take shortcuts – our experienced utility experts meticulously follow the project’s plan and inspect their work to guarantee that everything is done right the first time. Contact us today if you’re interested in hiring the finest utility workers in Ottawa.

Our Values

Everyone at Valley Utilities, from new apprentices to the founders, follows our strict philosophy of honesty, integrity, and attentiveness.
We believe that adherence to our philosophy is the best way to ensure that every job we complete is up to the Valley Utilities Standards.


We don’t hide from you. Ask us
anything, any time, anywhere.


We stick to our word and treat your
project as if it were our own


We apply our best effort
to every project.

What You Can Expect from Valley Utilities

When you hire Valley Utilities you can expect a well-done job that fits the scope and time constraints of your project. You can also expect considerate workers that treat you, your property, and your project with the utmost respect.

You can count on the experts at Valley Utilities to do an excellent job and anticipate and accommodate your needs. We provide expert utility services for Ottawans, by Ottawans.